Entry Fees:

Water Balloon Fight (All Ages):

  • FREE!

Water Balloon Toss (All Ages):

  • FREE!

Date and Time:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Water Balloon Fight: 10:15 a.m.
Water Balloon Toss: 12:00 p.m.

Event Location:

Deer Grove East Forest Preserve
1599 Pepper Tree Dr., Palatine, IL 60074

Event Charity:

The Palatine Police and Fire Benevolent Association is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization formed as an outlet for Palatine police officers and firefighters to give back to the community in which we serve. Our focus is to provide financial assistance (within our means) to community members in times of tragedy and crises. The Association raises money by organizing and/or participating in various events throughout the year with the ultimate goal of assisting others in need. To donate to the association click here… www.ppfba.org

Rules – Water Balloon Fight:

    1. This fight will take place in a flagged off field with boxes of water balloons everywhere.
    2. How to Play: As soon as the referee blows the whistle, everyone will run to a water balloon box, grab the balloons and start throwing. You will have 5 minutes to throw as many balloons at your opponents as possible.
    3. Safety: No aiming for the face and do not throw anything else besides water balloons.

*Use discretion when registering. Water balloons will be thrown at will.

Rules – Water Balloon Toss:

  1. The Team: 2 people per team (any gender and any age).
  2. How to Play: Each team will start 2 feet apart. When the ref says “toss” you will toss the balloon to your partner. Then each person will take one step back and you will toss again. When your balloon pops, you are eliminated. This will repeat until there is only 1 team remaining.
  3. Safety: Everyone must follow all rules. If you do not follow the rules your team will be disqualified. No throwing water balloons at people during the toss.


Water Balloon Toss: The top team will take home a trophy!


Parking will be available at the Deer Grove East Forest Preserve. There will also be off-site parking with a shuttle if necessary.

*Parking map coming soon.



You can still register from 12:00-6:00pm today (8/21) at Road Runner Sports in Kildeer, or tomorrow morning before the event.

Refunds and Exchanges:

There will be NO refunds or exchanges for the Water Balloon Fight or Water Balloon Toss. No exceptions.